It was a rainy day in Saigon – VN. She stayed in a small coffee shop, opposite to the famous War Remnants Museum. Everything in the coffee shop was covered by Green, perhaps it was the favourite color of the owner, or maybe, as someone said “yellow is sad, pink is happy, red is energetic, blue is peaceful and green is fresh”.

Yes, definitely she needed some fresh to restart.

She sat there, with a small book on her hands. Deep in the words whispered by the book, she did not recognize there was someone silently look at her – for a while already.

The stranger, who had celebrated his 50 birthday by travelling alone from the North to South of a country that he visited 11 years ago, looked much much older than his age. He did not like coffee in such a shop like this. He was an artist. However, not as everyone thinks about an artist, he was not that “crazy”. He earned a living by doing different kinds of work, he loved travel, of course, he moved from countries from countries, often alone in his way, but of course, he had some friends, buddies, partners (both business and personal life), like everyone else.

Well, noone can live alone all the time.

It then, rained more heavily.

The man ordered a Macho. Actually he prefered Expresso. Expresso, much more Vietnamese style than Capucchino or Macho, in his opinion.



(to be continued…)