Unexpectedly, we started to talk about my friend and my travels.

Coming back to my room, I first was not aware that I miss you.

Yes, you, Amal, and Hassan (?) particularly. How is your family now Hassan? How is your smallest sister? How are your parents, brothers and sisters? And you my little smart girl Amal, how are you doing? Have you and your family united with your father yet?

I know, it is not very fair to think of you two particularly, but well, …

I miss your smiles, I miss the Orange House, how surprisingly… 2 weeks is too short, but I am not sure if I ever come back to Ath.; if I would, I would like to visit the place, though the people, I don’t think I would meet you…

Kids, I do hope everything goes on well to you and your families. No matter what, no matter how, thanks to be a part of my memory and give me one of the best presents that I could receive.

With love,




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