Random thoughts – Suy nghĩ vẩn vơ


This morning, I woke up and received a msg from a friend.

It was a surprise. After many years, more than 6 or 7 years – I think, she finally decided to have a baby. And she’s pregnant! 🙂


Listening to the song:

Want to talk to someone, maybe anyone… but not really anyone.

Is that the feeling of a lone wolf? I meant, I do, really do enjoy of staying alone like this. Freedom, and enjoyable, it’s true. But there are times like this, I think I want to talk to someone, but really not anyone. But again, no one particularly.

Lately pretty messy with my own thoughts. Too many things to do and going on. And I don’t really know what I am doing.

Yesterday I talked with a friend. She told me that my values of life are very different from everyone around. And it fits more with the Western style rather than Eastern (Asian) style. I don’t know, to be honest. When I was in Europe, I recognized people are the same everywhere. They want “happiness”, “stability”, well, who doesn’t want to be happy anyway? The difference might be when I said of, for example, being single, traveling alone, European sees it as normal, when it seems most of Asian considers as something odds (negative).


Going to pay my “debt” – karma soon… too bad I’m too lazy lately and there is no place for lazy (and not smart) persons in this crazy material world.


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