Viết nhảm


There are some days like today.

Sometimes I prefer to use foreign language for this kind of thought, as I feel more confident in writing, as Vietnamese is so beautiful that I don’t want to dig more in the words. And words, they have their own feelings.

Lately I have been pretty busy at work. The feel for going/leaving has never stopped. I wondered sometimes, no, many times, almost everyday, why I still stay here? Is it the commitment that made me stay? or something else that I have not dare to define? I don’t know, to be honest, although I know in most of the case, I know but I might not say so. But not this case, really.



Received a msg, I thought it was from N, but no. In the second and careful thought, clearly it was not from N. How ironic, but it was a nice msg anyway.



Time flies. A month has passed.

K and I are back as friends. I don’t know, maybe our “destinies” are still crossed, that’s why after many arguments, no contacts, angers, etc.; we remain  friends.


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