When thing doesn’t go smoothly

I wont say “thing goes wrong”. No, nothing is wrong actually. It just doesn’t happen at the the time we think it should happen. It would happen, when it is ready.

But when it is ready?

Maybe the time will come, may be not. Again, after trying different way, it still doesn’t work – ah, I have just remembered another thing: Anything is possible, so, is it a conflict here?

No, not really.

Anything is possible, it is true, but it is a matter of time as well. So, after trying very hard, and the result or thing doesn’t go “right” as we want, it is just not the right time to happen. It will, if we keep trying and give it a little more time.

What if we don’t have that “more time”?

Then, well, something mismatch. Maybe it’s time to leave.


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