Goal of the Monkey Year

So, today is the last day of the Year of the Goat.

The weather suddenly is a bit cooler. Nice.

Actually I don’t think I want to write my goal here, but since I have to list down something otherwise I will be very uncontrollable and by the end of the year, like some years ago, turned out nothing.

I know the core of the goal, after all, to make myself happy, and others (if possible) to be happy as well. So far no regret on that, except … They are not happy about me almost all the time. But it’s another story.

Okay, no more chit chat, here are something I want myself to do, or at least put my effort, and trying not to give up in the middle of the stories:

  1. Travel at least to the South of Vietnam, otherwise along the whole country. Alone. Scooter or bicycle.
  2. Travel to at least 2 foreign countries that I have never been to. Alone is better. But definitely not a business trip. No. It will not count if a business trip.
  3. Write. Continue to write.
  4. Ukulele. Must master at least 1 favourite song (this is terrible goal, setting from year to year, and at the beginning of the year, it was 10 songs, now only 1!!!)
  5. Meditate, even when I am not sitting on a cushion. Aware of my presence. Practice everyday, every moment that I can. This is the last but most important goal here.

Okay, that it is. We will see, after 1 year…

Time flies.

Ah, remember: Time flies, people changes, things happens and life goes on.

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