One City in Five Hours

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I was looking for city maps for an upcoming Canada trip when I stumbled across a witty and entertaining series of hand-drawn maps with mini-guides. Each of the two dozen or so “One City, Five Hours” guides was illustrated by artist Oliver Jeffers and is accompanied by suggestions for a whirlwind visit. The touring suggestions for each of the international cities were penned by local travel experts, like Lola Akimade in Stockholm. The entire series, which was commission by United for its inflight magazine Hemispheres , can be found here.


“1 Tighten your laces and speed-walk through the Museum of Anthropology (6393 NW Marine Dr.;, which showcases thousands of artworks, tools and other objects created by the indigenous First Nations peoples. On your way out, pause to admire the towering First Nations totem poles. Just remember, no climbing. ( 0:30 )

2 Hail a taxi and have…

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